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COPAS has extensive capacity for 3, 4 and 5 axis milling, with advanced technologies to deliver the optimum accuracy and value.

Our highly experienced and respected quality department will convert your designs and specifications into FAI (First Article Inspection) reports including COC (Certificate of Conformity) for materials specified to produce your precision milled components.

Our experienced CAD/CAM engineering department will ensure that your components are expertly programmed & produced to exacting standards.

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We deliver 24/7 manufacturing with automation and robotics to operate with the greatest efficiencies in both hard and soft metal and plastics

COPAS - Inspection

100% inspection verified by CMM


DPPM 42 – 1.03% Quality Score

COPAS - Milled

25,000 different components milled

Investing to meet our customer’s needs

Our investment in advanced technology and people ensures that we can deliver our clients cost-effective, high-quality solutions at pace. It also ensures we have effective production contingency in place to meet your requirements, as we understand that delays cost our customers money.

In the last 3 years, COPAS has invested in new machining capabilities and efficiencies, spending over £4.6 million on capabilities. Over £1.8 million has been spent on our new, fully automated hard metal machining centre of excellence.

5 Axis hard metal and titanium automation

As leaders in lean manufacturing of precision engineered components, COPAS’s new 24/7 hard metal automated production capabilities will deliver exceptional results on spec and on time for our customers.

COPAS - Hermle ext

Hermle C42U Dynamic HS Flex ZM88

Pallet Automation

X: 500 / Y: 500

COPAS - DMU85mon


Pallet Automation

X: 630 / Y: 630

COPAS - DMU40 ext

DMG EVO 40 Linear

Robotic Automation

X: 400 / Y: 400

5 Axis

COPAS - DMU 75 Monoblock


X: 750 / Y: 750

COPAS - DMU 60 evo new

1 x DMG EVO 60

X: 600 / Y: 600


2 x DMG EVO 40

X: 400 / Y: 400

4 Axis


1 x DMG NHX 5000

X: 700 / Y: 700

3 Axis

COPAS - Doosan 650

8 x DOOSAN DNM 650

X: 1300 / Y: 650

Precision components using:


Hard Metals


Post machine finishes:

Silver Plating


Powder Coating

Bead Blasting

Delivering where it counts for our customers

COPAS - 247

Increased Capacity with 24/7 production

COPAS - Cost savings

Increased Cost Savings through efficiencies

COPAS - Rapid Response

Rapid Response when you need the job done

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Our Key Sectors

COPAS - Aerospace

Aerospace | Defence | Space

COPAS is an award-winning market leader in the global aerospace interiors sector and has an enviable record for capability, innovation and reliability.

COPAS - MEdical key sector


COPAS have recently attained ISO 13485 accreditation and are now ready to deploy its high-quality, low-cost logics to supply the medical precision-engineered sector.

COPAS - Technologies key sector


Delivering world-class engineering excellence in 3, 4 & 5 axis milling cost-effectively by optimising advanced production technologies.