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Engineering Excellence

COPAS delivers world class engineering excellence in 3, 4 & 5 axis milling (AS 9100), cost effectively by optimising advanced production technologies, driven by our highly skilled responsive team.


Serving The Aerospace Industry

COPAS is an award-winning market leader in the aerospace interiors sector and has an enviable record for capability, innovation and reliability, due to rapid response production logics running through its DNA.

Together, Copas will deliver your specified components, on budget and time, with excellent customer service from enquiry to completion.

Exporting globally across multiple market sectors.

Engineering Excellence

COPAS consistently delivers world class engineering excellence, cost effectively by optimising advanced production technologies, driven by a highly skilled responsive team.

COPAS has extensive capacity for 3, 4 and 5 axis milling, with advanced technologies to deliver the optimum accuracy and value.

COPAS’s experienced CAD/CAM engineering and quality departments, will assist and liaise, to ensure that your components are expertly programmed, produced and quality checked to exacting standards. (AS9100, ISO9001 certified and SC21 certified.)

COPAS manufactures precision engineered components in:
Post machining finishes are available in:

Electroless Nickel

Powdered Coated

COPAS has an ambitious growth strategy over the next 5 years, to relocate to a larger factory, doubling our personnel and capacity.


Together with our global clients, COPAS delivers world class engineering excellence, through cutting edge technology and innovative management solutions.

COPAS's core strength is our meticulous attention to detail. Delivering excellence for our clients, through our highly skilled team, advanced innovative production systems and respected quality department.
100% inspection verified by CMM.

Our highly experienced and respected quality department will convert your designs and specifications into
FAI (First Article Inspection) reports including COC (Certificate of Conformity)
for materials specified to produce your precision milled components.

Proud to hold the following quality certification:

Proud to be supported by:

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