Copas consistently delivers world class engineering excellence, cost effectively by optimising advanced production technologies, driven by a highly skilled responsive team.

Shaun Copas founded Copas in 2006, combining his expertise and dynamism, to deliver world leading quality machined 3, 4 & 5 axis components, cost efficiently for his clients. As his clients have grown so has his company and reputation for creating excellence together.

water pump part

Copas is an award-winning, trusted, dynamic, inspirational progressive company that continually strives to improve quality and efficiency, allowing us to deliver solutions and value to our clients.

Over the next 5 years, COPAS will be implementing its ambitious growth strategy that will see it relocating to a new factory, doubling its workforce and capacity.

Please contact our supportive management team who will ensure your order, is manufactured to your specifications and delivered on time.

Company Contacts

Shaun Copas

Managing Director

Damien Copas

Engineering Manager

Adele Ireland

Finance & Personnel Manager

Paul Burke

Operations Director

John Smyth

Quality Manager

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